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Today my mom and my little brother made cookies. And I got to decorate them. C8  The results are below lol.

And then my little sister put some pink shirt on Pörrö. He looked really hot, especially with that headband. ♥

AND today I looked like thiiis:

Also first picture of myself in tumblr. ;A; You can also see part of my room lol. I felt like taking pictures of myself so yeah ahaha.

Now I should make Christmas cards, we’ll see if I’ll make it. cc: Twoofthemfortomorrowlol.

  1. awweo said: pretty one, aren’t you :3 oikest aattelin sut iha erinäköseks d: ja toi dogi o cute ^^
  2. zarniwoops said: you don’t look at all the way i imagined you :o but yeaaah very cute cookies and very cute you~
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